Learning from the Pros Part II: Tips from the Top

Take a look at these easy pro tips to help you improve your supermoto riding.

Pro tip #3  Feet and knees

You can choose to put your knee down for corners, but the best Supermoto riders rarely do. Stick the foot out as you slide into the corners and accelerate out hard.

Pro tip #4  Trust your front end

It’s what we all dread: having the front wheel go off on a trip of its own. In Supermoto this can feel like it’s about to happen all the time.

Get over it! That front tire is going to stay with you. Learn to trust it.

Pro tip #5  It’s OK to move around

You’re not on a streetbike – your suspension is long and flexible, taking all those bumps and hollows in its stride.

So don’t go messing around too much with the suspension: your bike is moving around, sure, but it is not losing traction. Learn to go with it: it’s doing you a favour.

Pro tip #6  Brake hard, brake late

It takes courage, but get used to the fact that Supermotos can handle crazily late braking. Practice braking later and later and later…

Remember, speed on the track is less about power than about late braking into a corner, managing it skilfully, and getting out quick.

Pro tip #7  Learn to counter-steer

Study a Supermoto pro mid-turn: sitting right forward, pushing hard down on the inside bar – counter-steering to control the slide.

Now you try: use the leverage of those big bars to counter-steer out of your slide. Sure, it’s not what you do instinctively at first, but you soon will. And then you’ll be flicking your bike from corner to corner like a pro.

Pro tip #8  Easy gear shifts

Useful one this: you can shift up a gear without using the clutch. Really? Yes, just remember to get off the gas before doing it.

Saves a lot of serious hand cramp, especially in beginners.

Pro tip #9  Mix the braking

Now you’re in Supermoto, you need to think front brake.

Heading into turns: mostly front brake.

In the dirt: mostly back brake.

Two wheels = two brakes – use them!

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