The sport of supermoto began in the USA in 1979, when motorcycle journalist and race promoter Gavin Trippe created a show called ‘Superbikers’. The show intended to find the ultimate motorcycle racer by making all-star riders from different types of racing race against each other on a single course.

The course combined the main three different types of racing: flat-track, motocross and road racing.


gavin trippe
Gavin Trippe (left)
gavin trippe
Gavin Trippe racing

The show Superbikers then turned into an annual event run at southern California’s Carlsbad Raceway, a series of races that attempted to attract the greatest talent from the worlds of off-road, flat-track and road racing. World and National Championship-winning motorcycling legends such as Kenny Roberts and Jeff Ward, used to participate in the races.

In 1985, Superbikers was cancelled on TV and with it came a long period of no supermoto in the USA. The European racers who had taken part in the races at the Carlsbad Raceway brought it back to Europe with them, and it gained massive popularity in countries such as France, where it was renamed Supermotard.

It wasn’t until the 2000s that supermoto became popular again in the United States. The AMA Supermoto Championship was born in 2003 and it was introduced to the X Games in 2004. Both competitions have since been cancelled, but supermoto is starting to make a comeback in the United States.


AMA Supermoto Championship
AMA Supermoto Championship at Colorado National Speedway

Since those early days, supermoto has continued to grow in Europe and now Asia. Supermoto bikes have become very popular across Asia, with many people modifying them for street use. Competitions have also started to take off in recent years, events which allow fans to get right up close to the action providing a unique fan-experience. Most notably, the 2017 FIM Asia Supermoto Championship will stop in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Check out Supermoto’s first official year in Asia.

To see what SuperMoto is like in today’s world, make sure you check in to this year’s Championship on FIM Asia SuperMoto channels.



Take a look at the 2017 Championship events

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